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Kazbek (with extra night on the Plateau)

The participation in the expedition on Mount Kazbek is a great idea for people who already have at least basic experience in winter mountain tourism and want to reach five thousand meters for the first time. Unlike other tour companies, we have added to our expedition schedule an EXTRA NIGHT ON PLATEAU. This, together with small groups and professional care of the leaders, significantly increases the chances of success, also for members who are not very fit. It also increasess the safety of the ascent.

Our climb on Mount Kazbek will take five to seven days. Expedition members will not have to carry everything on their backs. We will reach the monastery at 2300m a.s.l. by car and while returning ride down by the car, too. From the monastery to the Meteostation, located at about 3700m a.s.l. on the slopes of Kazbek (or to another place slightly lower in case of large amounts of snow) our heavy backpacks will be taken by a horse. To maximize the chances of all participants to reach the summit, we will gain acclimatization gradually and slowly. If only the weather permits, we will start our summit push on Kazbek not like most groups from Meteostation, but from the Plateau located only about 700 meters lower than the summit. On the Plateau we will set up an additional bivouac. Thanks to this also slightly weaker or slower walking members will be able to reach the summit.

When visiting Gorgia, we cannot focus only on the sport goal of climbing Kazbek. Hence, in our program, there is enough time to visit the picturesque capital of Tbilisi, historic orthodox churches on our route or the charming Truso Valley. We will also have occasion to taste an excellent Georgian cuisine and drinks.

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