• 28/01/2022-30/01/2022
  • 18/02/2022-20/02/2022
  • 11/03/2022-13/03/2022
  • 01/04/2022-03/04/2022


Do you dream about the adventure with ski touring, but you don’t have your equipment yet? Or maybe you are not sure if you like this sport and you want to try it first? If the answer is yes, our skitouring training is something for you.

During our skitour training you will learn how to choose the skitour equipment which will be best for you, how to use it, how to store and maintain it. You will practice ascents and descents in various terrain: on meadows and in forests, on gentle and steeper slopes. You will learn how to plan a safe skitour trip to minimize the risk of avalanche or other hazards. And above all, you will feel the taste of freedom given by the opportunity to ski wherever you want, away from the lifts and marked routes. You will experience a mountain adventure in a completely new form. Maybe it becomes your lifelong passion.

The training takes place in a scenic Pilsko massif, offering a lot of opportunities for ski tourers, and lasts for three days. Generally, it is suitable for those who already have some experience with downhill skiing. However, if there are several members, we can also organize a training for beginners, combining the basics of skiing on a prepared slope and the basics of skitouring.


3 days


11:00 AM



750 PLN


04:00 PM



Meeting point

Parking Korbielów Kamienna


refuge on Hala Miziowa, Pilsko


6 persons

Why with us


  1. On our trainings an individual approach is essential. One instructor trains 6 people. This training formula allows you to master all skills faster, both theoretically and practically. The instructor has the opportunity to work individually with each student, and you will surely have time to practice every new skill sufficiently.
  2. Our training lasts three days – from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon (we ski down to the parking before the dusk). These days are very intense, filled from dawn to night with outdoor exercises and shelter activities. No moment is wasted. That is why our course is an perfect offer for people who value their time and focus on maximum effective learning.
  3. The skitouring courses take place in the picturesque massif of Pilsko, providing wide opportunities for skitouring activity. The first ascent from the parking is easy thanks to ski pistes. But in general we will not use them focusing on off-piste skiing. The terrain in Pilsko massif is very diversified. From easy gentle ascents to steep climbs in the woods, crossing obstacles and ascending the difficult terrain. From easy descents to challenging ones, from wide meadows to technical ride in the woods or even steep gorges and rocky areas. The richness of the area is in no way inferior to the Tatras. Moreover, often the possibilities are greater due to the lack of a serious avalanche risk.
  4. The car ride with instructors is possible from several cities of Southern Poland.

We will teach you

  • fit the equipment to your needs, preferences and abilitues;
  • prepare the equipment before the trip and take care of itafter the winter season;
  • make technical operations, like taking on and off skins, changing options of skimountaineering bindings and boots, during the trip;
  • ascend on skis with skins in the terrain outside the ski trails, on slopes of the various steepness, crossing obstacles like streams, ravines, broken trees, stones or rocks;
  • planning the route of  your ascent in order to minimize the fatigue, the risk of falling down and the avalanche risk;
  • ascending by the skew oute on the steep or narrow space;
  • safely ascend on skis along the ski trail and descend along the mountain tourist path;
  • plan the safe and attractive descent using the knowledge of the topography of the area and the snow conditions
  • descend outside the ski trails, both in an open space and in a forrest;

The price of the training includes

  • participation in the training;
  • medical expenses insurance and accident insurance;
  • free rental of mountaineering and skitouring equipment.

Detailed program

Accomodation and meals

We will be accomodated in the comfortable mountain refuge on the slopes of Pilsko. Accommodation costs from about PLN 30 per night. Additionally, in the restaurant you can order meals, there is also a mini kitchen and an electric kettle for preparing your own meals.


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