Adrian Gałosz

Co-owner of BluEmu Sp. z o.o. A graduate of the University of Finance and Law in Bielsko-Biała. Founder and owner of the BESKIDDIVERS diving center: the only center of the international federation of technical diving IANTD in southern Poland and the authorized five-star center of the world’s largest diving federation PADI, as well as the EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE Center. IANTD instructor, PADI master instructor, EFF first aid instructor and DAN rescue federation instructor.

On a daily basis, she trains diving instructors and premedical first aid instructors. In diving he discovered his speciality. It is deep cave diving away from land and civilization.

Mountains are his second passion and. He has been trekking in Beskids and the Tatra Mountains since being a child. Has completed a number of ascents to four- and five-thousand peaks in the mountains of the world, including in the Alps, the Caucasus as well as in the massifs lying on the African continent. Currently, he independently collects the highers volcanues of each continent.