Mountains and diving

You cannot live by mountains alone. Sometimes it is a good idea to combine a mountain expedition with the beginning of a new adventure. That is why we would like to offer you, as an addition to some of our trips, the possibility of undergoing diving training and exploring the underwater world. It is worth trying, maybe diving will become your second passion beside mountains.

The first mountain expedition with can be extended into diding is Kilimanjaro. After climbing the peak and admiring the fascinating nature on land during the safari, we will enabele you to admire the even more amazing nature under the water. During the few extra days of the trip spent in Zanzinar you will have the opportunity to undergo initial diving training. You will be introduced to the diving art arcana. by local diving instructors with the support of a divemaster, a diving guide, from BluEmu team.

You can find trip details in the programs for trips to Kilimanjaro in the autumn and on New Year’s Eve.

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