For business customers

Events and excursions for companies

Integration events and motivation tours are a great and very attractive tool for those who want to:

  • motivate employees to work more effectively;
  • develop loyalty of the team and their identification with a company’s mission and aims;
  • tighten business bounds and build partner relationships with key customers.

The advantages of our motivation and integration programs are the following:

  • a mixture of adventures that provides a feeling of unforgettable experience in private aspect is also a great way to build good relationships between employees and their company.
  • an occasion to test yourself in new situations and integrate a group in the bosom of nature
  • an opportunity to see unique places away from tourist districts
  • time to relax and to regenerate forces under unusual circumstances

The programs of motivation tours and integration events we propose are incredibly diverse not only because of unlimited choice of destinations and attractions but also because of their form:

  • script plays and role-play-games in exotic sceneries
  • urban games
  • art workshops (dancing, singing, drums, painting, theatre)
  • mountaineering expeditions
  • climbing, skiing, caving, horse riding, off road

Professionalism and consulting at the stage of preparation combined with elasticity and creativity during project realization, access to exotic sceneries and attractions as well as deep knowledge guarantee satisfaction of all participants of our programs.