About BluEmu

BluEmu is the team of professionals ready to take you to every mountain in the world: from simple treks in Europe to expeditions to the world’s highest peaks.

Our team consists of people who devoted their lives to the mountains: mountaineering, trekking, diving and other forms of mountain activities, as well as traveling in less-known corners of the world. They are professionals who cconstantly improve their skills, also during their own expeditions on the highest and most difficult peaks of the world.

As a guiding company and later a travel agency, we have been operating on the market since 2011. However, the idea of sharing our mountain passion with others had emerged much earlier. For almost 20 years we have been organizing and participating in our own expeditions, which have become a base of knowledge and experience of our leaders.We focus on mountain trips: from trekking, through ski touring or via ferrata climbing, easy mountaineering trips, to climbing seven- and eight-thousanders. We work with both individual clients and companies.We travel in small groups of a few to a dozen of members, under the supervision of experienced and competent mountain leaders. We focus on the mountain development of our trips participants, proposing them to take part in more and more serious expeditions. We also organize tailor-made trips for private groups.
We also offer the wide and fast-growing range of courses, trainings and workshops on the subject of the mountain. They provide the knowledge and skills in various fields, which enable our courses and trips members’ to take more and more difficult challenges under our supervision and later also independently.
We run a mountain equipment rental “Szpejarka” (“the Gear Loop”), offering a wide selection of trekking, mountaineering, avalanche or camping equipment.
We also organize all kinds of outdoor events and motivational activities for companies. We run presentations and lectures for audiences of all ages. We also help individual travelers to organize trips.BluEmu Sp. z o.o. is the official Polish tour operator with worldwide authorization.As a travel agency, we are entered in the Central Register of Tourism Organizers and Entrepreneurs Facilitating the Purchase of Related Tourist Services under number Z / 21/2019. The entry is supported by an insurance guarantee of tour operators, issued by AXA Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń i Reasekuracji S.A.