Kuba Polasik

Traveler, international tour leader and mountain guide. He has been cooperating with BluEmu since 2013. He has fallen in love with mountains at the age of 16 after summitting his first mountain peak via the climbing route (Mnich in Polish Tatras). Since that time he has been spending most of his free time on improving his skills in different forms of climbing: rock, ice and high-altitude. He has been climbing in massifs like Alps, Caucasus and Himalaya. He travels a lot, alsdo as a guide, in more or less remote areas of the world (ew. Middle East, Morocco, Nepal, India, Japan and Middle America). He has guided expeditions on the most famous peaks of Europe and Caucasus (Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, GrossGlockner, Elbrus, Kazbek) and also has led several long mountain treks (ex. Altai mountains in Southern Siberia, trekking circuits around the most famous peaks of Nepal). Privatly he is an archeologist, triathlonist and photographer.

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