Equipment rental

We would like to invite you to our mountaineering equipment rental. Here you will have a possibility to hire equipment that is essential during your mountaineering trips at very good prices: we offer crampons, ice-axes, harnesses, helmets, carabiners, descending devices and slings as well as avalanche ABC: avalanche detectors, probes and shovels.


item price per day
climbing harness 10 PLN
climbing helmet 10 PLN
tourist crampons 20 PLN
automatic crampons 30 PLN
touris ice-axe 20 PLN
tourist ice-axe + crampons 30 PLN
trekking poles 15 PLN
tourist GPS device – GPSMap 62S model 35 PLN
carabiner (with locker or without), descending device, sling 5 PLN/piece
ascending device 10 PLN
2-antenna avalanche detector BCA Tracker DTS 20 PLN
avalanche probe 15 PLN
avalanche shovel 15 PLN
avalanche ABC (detector + probe + shovel) 30 PLN
Baofeng radiotelephone 20 PLN/piece
Thuraya Hughes 7101 satelitary phone 35 PLN

Each given price is for one day (24h). To each piece you have to add the bail: 100PLN per item, 200PLN for avalanche detector, 300PLN for satelitary phone and GPS device . The bail will be returned after receiving the equipment complete and not destroyed. In case of longer-time rental or rental of several items prices diminish significantly.

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