We would like to invite you to our mountaineering equipment rental. Here you will have a possibility to hire equipment that is essential during your mountaineering trips at very good prices: we offer crampons, ice-axes, harnesses, helmets, carabiners, descending devices and slings as well as avalanche ABC: avalanche detectors, probes and shovels.


We have the following equipment *:

Equipment name Price Quantity
Crampons 25 PLN
Tourist (non-technical) ice-axe 20 PLN
Tourist (non-technical) ice-axe + crampons 40 PLN
Automatic crampons 35 PLN
Mini crampons 15 PLN
Trekking poles 15 PLN
Avalanche detector 35 PLN
Avalanche probe 15 PLN
Avalanche shovel 15 PLN
Avalanche ABS (detector + probe + shovel) 50 PLN
Climbing harness unisex, sizes: S, M, L, XL, harness for small children; all harnesses have adjustable legs) 20 PLN
Climbing helmet** 20 PLN
Carabiners** 5 PLN/piece
Carabiners with twisted locker** 7 PLN/piece
Ice screw** 10 PLN/piece
Belay/descending gear** 10 PLN/piece
Ascending gear** 20 PLN/piece
Climbing sling** 7 PLN/piece
Via ferrata lanyard 20 PLN
Via ferrata set: lanyard + harness + helmet 40 PLN
GPS device Garmin GPSMap 64S 45 PLN
Radiotelephone Baofeng UV-5R 30 PLN/sztuka
Satelitary telephone Thuraya Hughes 7101 45 PLN
Backpack 50l 25 PLN
Sleeping matress with silver heat-retaining layer 12 PLN
Synthetic summer sleeping bag(+5 to +20st) 25 PLN
Down sleeping bag (-10 to +5 st) 40 PLN/dzień + 70 PLN for cleaning paid only once
Set of 2 dinner-pails covered with teflon inside 12 PLN
Headlamp (white and red light, 2 levels, AAA batteries 7 PLN
SGaiters, sizes S-M or L-XL 7 PLN
Tent/bivouac lamb, AA batteries 7 PLN
Deuter Kid Komfort III baby carrier with sun canopy and rain cape 25 PLN
Quechua 2-layer tourist tent for 3 people 1 day - PLN 20, over 3 days - PLN 16 / day, over 7 days - PLN 12 / day
Quechua 2-layer tourist tent for 2 people 1 day - PLN 15, over 3 days - PLN 12 / day, over 7 days - PLN 10 / day

* The given price is the price of rental per day. Each piece of equipment requires a returnable deposit of PLN 100 (except for small equipment, where the rental price per night is maximum PLN 12 – then the deposit is PLN 30), and PLN 200 for an avalanche detector, and PLN 300 for a satellite phone and GPS receiver. The deposit is refunded upon returning the undamaged and complete equipment. In the case of long-term rental, as well as the rental of several pieces of equipment, the prices are significantly lower.

** We rent equipment only for alpine tourism (hiking and skiing). We do not rent it for technical climbing or other activities during which it could be micro-damaged. In case of suspicion that the equipment can be used for this type of activity, we have the right to refuse to rent it.