Dates of trips

  • 05/01/2022-17/01/2022
  • 06/04/2022-18/04/2022
  • 28/04/2022-10/05/2022
  • 02/11/2022-14/11/2022


The expedition on Pico de Orizaba is not only an opportunity to climb the highest peak in Mexico, which is also the third highest mountain in North America. Pico de Orizaba is an extinct volcano, the highest volcanic peak in North America. So if you dream of reaching the highest volcanoes of every continent, then you must stand on the top of Orizaba.

Pico de Orizaba is 5,636 meters high. For this reason alone, it is a demanding summit that should not be underestimated and requires some preparation. At the same time, however, the volcanic nature of the mountain and its extensive and gently rising shape make it technically not difficult to climb. The route on Orizaba is mostly a trek, however in the higher parts it is necessary to use basic mountaineering equipment.

Pico de Orizaba may be your first five-thousander mountain. However, people who already have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ararat, Damavand, Kazbek or Elbrus, you will not feel disappointed while climbing Orizaba. The peak will be an interesting and ambitious challenge for you, too. In order to make the ascent to Orizaba safe and give you maximum chances of success, we will acclimatize on the nearby La Malinche peak (4461m above sea level)

When visiting Mexico, we will not focus only on mountaineering. During the trip, we will have chances to admire the remains of one of the largest pyramids on Earth, as well as an ancient Indian metropolis. We will visit the City of Angels, the City of Eternal Spring and the Silver City. We will also visit the capital of the country, which is the largest metropolis in the world. We will also take a bath in the Pacific Ocean in the legendary Acapulco.


4-12 persons


13 days


Volcanic Cordillera




2-3 persons


4650 PLN + 1140 USD





Trip program

  1. Day 1. Flight from chosen airports to Mexico City. Overnight stay at a hotel.
  2. Day 2. Transfer by comfortable cruise bus (approx. 2 hours) to Puebla, known as the City of Angels. City tour: colonial style historic center incl. The House of Dolls – Casa de los Muňecos, the cathedral, the “candy street” where you can buy a local delicacy – spicy chocolate. Overnight stay at a hotel.
  3. Day 3. A trip from Puebla to the nearby town of Cholula, where we will visit the remains of one of the largest pyramids in the world, at the top of which a church was built, and we will see the Popocatepetl and Ixtacichuat volcanoes. You can also taste the local delicacy – dried grasshoppers. Return to Puebla. Preparation for an acclimatization trip to Malinche. Overnight stay at a hotel.
  4. Day 4. Early morning drive from Puebla to La Malinche tourist resort at the foot of Mount Malinche. Ascent to Malinche (4461m abov,ie sea level). Descend to the La Malinche tourist center for the night.
  5. Day 5. Drive by car to Tlachichuca. Rest. Overnight in a guesthouse.
  6. Day 6. Drive by off-road car and then ascend to the Piedra Grande shelter (4260m above sea level). Overnight in a shelter.
  7. Day 7. Wake up at 1:00 am, 2:00 am, start of the summit push on Pico de Orizaba (5636m above sea level). After reaching the top, descend to the shelter and then descend /drive to Tlachichuca. Overnight in a hostel.
  8. Day 8. Drive by car from Tlachichuca to Cuernavaca -“the City of Eternal Spring”, capital of Morelos state. Visiting the central Zocalo square and the cathedral. Then a bus ride to the “Silver City” – Taxco. The city is famous for its silver mine and jewelery making, as well as the “Beetle” cars, which have been produced for the longest time here and which are still used as taxis. Afternoon-evening tour of the colonial center, incl. square with the church of Santa Prisca in the Neo-Spanish Baroque style built of pink stone. Overnight stay at a hotel.
  9. Day 9. Transfer by bus from Taxco to Acapulco on the Pacific Ocean. Sightseeing together or free time on the beach. In the evening, the opportunity to watch the shows of jumping into the water from the Rock of Death – La Quebrada. Overnight stay at a hotel.
  10. Day 10. Free day in Acapulco. The possibility of diving. Overnight bus ride to Mexico City.
  11. Day 11. Rest after the journey, then a trip to Teotihuacan (“Where people became gods” in the Indian language) – the ruins of the oldest metropolis in the area of ​​present-day Mexico, with a 63 m high Sun Pyramid, at the top of which there is the chakra. In the evening, return to Mexico City. Overnight stay at a hotel.
  12. Day 12. Visiting Mexico City: Three Cultures Square, Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Possibility of a trip to “Mexican Venice”, the Xochimilco district (“city of flowers”), where you can take a boat ride on the canals. Departure home in the evening.
  13. Day 13. Arrival at home.

The trip price includes

  • service of BluEmu leader
  • service of one mountain leader per each team of three
  • all accommodation in hotels in cities and towns (Mexico City, Puebla, Taxco, Acapulco) listed in the program, including breakfast
  • accommodation with half board (breakfast, dinner) in resorts at the foot of the mountains: 1 night at the bottom of La Malinche peak and 2 nights in Tlachichuca at the bottom of Pico de Orizaba
  • accommodation at Piedra Grande shelter with meals in mountaineering standard (half board) and the service of the Mexican guard of the participants’ equipment left in the shelter during the summit push
  • all transfers mentioned in the program: by car (Puebla – bottom of La Malinche – Tlachichuca – starting point on the route to Piedra Grande at the bottom of Mt. Orizaba – Tlachichuca – Cuernevaca) and by comfortable cruise buses (Mexico City – Puebla, Cuernevaca – Taxco – Acapulco – Mexico City)
  • local transfers within cities listed in the program
  • a day trip from Puebla to Cholula
  • a day trip from Mexico City to Teotihuacan
  • medical expenses insurance and accident insurance for the entire duration of the trip (while in the mountains, insurance extended to cover high-risk sports);
  • unique shirt and buff;
  • Polish Tourist Guarantee Fund contribution

The trip price does not include

  • air ticket to Mexico City and back (we help find the best connection from any airport in the world)
  • costs of possible admission tickets to visited facilities
  • the cost of lunches and dinners during the stay in cities (Mexico City, Puebla, Cuernevaca, Taxco, Acapulcol), other additional meals, snacks and drinks
  • costs of possible optional trips
  • high altitude porter services
  • the cost of individual transfers from or to the airport when arriving or departing at a different time than most of the group


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