Dates of trips

  • 26/01/2022-16/02/2022


The secret of the Mountains is guarded by the Stone Guard. This is the meaning of the word “Aconcagua” in the Quechua language. It is a mythical mountain, the dream of many mountaineers. The highest peak of the Andes and both Americas, and also of the western and southern hemispheres. Aconcagua is one of the most demanding peaks of the Seven Summits. The expedition on Aconcagua is a combination of a demanding mountaineering challenge with a large dose of South American exoticism.

Climbing Aconcagua is the challenge for people who already have some mountaineering experience: they have already been at altitudes of 4000 – 5000 meters or higher and endured it relatively well. It is recommended to have at list basic abilities of using crampons and ice axe. Also, some physical preparation is indispensable in order to be able to move efficiently and quickly enough with a backpack at high altitudes and in demanding terrain. You don’t have to be a technical climber or an experienced alpinist, however. The slopes of Aconcagua are not very steep, you do not need to traverse any glaciers full of hidden crevasses. Aconcagua is a mountain, which, if the weather is good enough, can be summited by a moderately fit alpine tourist, if she or he is well prepared and guided by the professionalist.

Expeditions on Aconcagua are organized when in Europe it’s winter time. In Argentina, there is summer in that time. So apart from high-altitude challenges on Aconcagua, we can also enjoy the splendor of Andean nature, fascinatingly different from the European one. If some free time is left after mountaineering activities, we can go for natural wonders such as Iguazu Falls.


4-12 persons


22 days






3-4 persons


2390 EUR





Trip program

Day 1 – flights from chosen airports to Santiago de Chile or Buenos Aires (we choose the destination airport few months before the expedition taking into account where members fly from and the availability and prices of tickets)
Day 2 – arrival at the destination airport. Then a comfortable bus ride to Mendoza.

Day 3 – time to rest after the journey. Obtaining Aconcagua permits. Mendoza sightseeing. Overnight in an apartment.

Day 4 – bus ride from Mendoza to Puente del Inca (2800m a.s.l.), from where trekking begins. Preparation for trekking, packing loads for mules. Visiting the picturesque Inca Bridge. Overnight in a hostel.

Day 5 – car ride to Horcones and entering the Aconcagua National Park. Trekking through the Horcones Valley to Confluencia (3400m a.s.l.). Overnight in tents.

Day 6 – acclimatization day: a trip from Confluencia to Plaza Francia (4300m a.s.l.), from where we can take a look at the southern wall of Aconcagua. Descent to Confluencia. Overnight in tents.

Day 7 – trekking from Confluencia to the base camp at Plaza de Mulas (4300m a.s.l.). Overnight in tents.

Day 8 – rest and acclimatization day at the base camp. Group registration, medical examinations before moving to higher camps. Overnight in tents.

Day 9 – ascent to Nido de Condores camp (5350m a.s.l.) and leaving the deposit there. Descent to Plaza del Mulas. Overnight in tents.

Day 10 – ascent to Nido de Condores once again. Overnight in tents.

Day 11 – ascent from Nido de Condores to the Colera camp. Descent to Nido de Condores. Overnight in tents.

Day 12 – ascent from Nido de Condores to Colera. Overnight in tents.

Day 13 – summit attack from Coller to the summit of Aconcagui (6962 m a.s.l.). Descent to Colera and further to Nido de Condores. Overnight in tents.

Day 14 – descent from Nido de Condores to Plaza de Mulas base camp. Overnight in tents.

Day 15 – trekking down from Plaza de Mulas to Puente del Inca. Bus ride to Mendoza. Overnight in an apartment.

Day 16 – rest day in Mendoza. Time for shopping and sightseeing. Transfer by bus from Mendoza to Santiago de Chile or Buenos Aires. Overnight in a hostel.

Day 17-20 – spare days in case of bad weather or slower acclimatization. In case of finishing mountain activities faster, these days can be used for optional trips, e.g. visiting the Iguazu Falls, trip to the Ocean.

Day 21 – transfer to the airport. Departure from Santiago de Chile or Buenos Aires.

Day 22 – flight home.

The trip price includes

  • service of 1 BluEmu tourleader for a maximum of 5 members (in the case of a group of more than 5 members two leaders are provided)
  • all accommodation listed in the program: overnights at apartments/hostepl in cities, overnights in tourist tents during mountaineering activities on Aconcagua as well as during the stay in the base camp and during rhe trek
  • all bus transfers listed in the program by comfortable buses
  • half board (breakfast, dinner – meals in tourist standard prepared together ith the tourleader) during all days of trekking and mountaineering activities on Aconcagua, as well as at the base camp. Meals are available in two options: meat and vegetarian (includes fish). Other options (e.g. vegan, gluten-free) are available after early notice and for an additional charge;
  • half board (breakfast, dinner) in Puente del Inca. Meals are available in two options: meat and vegetarian
  • breakfasts during stays in cities (Mendoza, Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile);
  • transportation of 20 kg of luggage by a mule during the trek to and from the base camp;insurance for the entire duration of the trip (while in the mountains, the policy includes high-risk sports)
  • unique t-shirt and buff.
  • Polish Tourist Guarantee Fund contribution.

The trip price does not include

  • air ticket to Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile;
  • Aconcagua National Park permit for climbing Aconcagua;
  • costs of any entry tickets to sites visited in cities;
  • lunches and dinners during city stays in cities (Mendoza, Buenos Aires / Santiago de Chile) and during bus journey to the mountains and back);
  • costs of transportation extra kilos (over 20 kg / person) by a mule during the trekking;
  • costs of altitude porter services above the base camp;
  • the cost of additional meals, snacks and drinks;
  • costs of optional trips during additional days in case case of finishing mountain activities faster;
  • the cost of individual transfers from or to the airport for arrivals or departures at a different time than most of group members;



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