The success of the expedition on Kohe Tez in Afghanistan

On August 9th we managed to climb Kohe Tez (7015m according to Jerzy Wala), the peak lying in Afghan Hindukush, in te region not visited by expeditions since over 30 years. Between 1:30 and 1:40 PM three Polish BluEmu guides: Arkadiusz Baranowski, Aleksandra Dzik and Robert Róg together with Russian Oleg Obrizan summited the peak. We also made a reconaissance of surroundings of other difficult seventhousanders: Kohe Urgunt and Akher Chagh, and also made some sightseeing in the picturesque part of Wakhan Corridor.

In this way we get to know new regions, which then we recommend to you. Simultaneously we grind form to introduce you to the peaks of the world at the highest level.



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